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The Big Data Big Impact Organization aims to transform the world according to the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals through data and technological developments. Let’s imagine a better future. Let’s make it happen.

Our world as we see it has so much data. Why don’t we harness this data and develop metrics and technology to help solve sustainability issues? Many of the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals require policy change, so we focus on goals we can help achieve with technology. 



Our innovation and designs change the way communities live, both locally and globally. Big Data Big Impact is comprised of multiple student teams, based in West Lafayette's Purdue University, and was established in 2019. With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, our engineers and business leaders work hard to deliver high-quality solutions.

Our organization strives to pursue passions related to sustainability and impact, creating technical business solutions, developing as professionals, and collaborating with other top engineering schools.

Our organization at Purdue focuses on UN Sustainability Development Goals that we can help achieve with the resources available at Purdue focusing in STEM and AG. 


UN-Purdue SDGs

  • Responsible Consumption & Production

  • Affordable and Clean Energy 

  • Life on Land 

  • Clean Water and Sanitation



RecycleSort: an affordable optical sorter for users

Due to inefficient manual recycling processes and contamination on the user side, majority of recycling gets taken to landfills. 

RecycleSort makes sorting recyclables more efficient by applying computer vision and additional sensors to differentiate materials on the client side.

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BDBI Datathon
Fri, Mar 27
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Mar 27, 6:00 PM EDT – Mar 29, 12:00 PM EDT
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Big Data Big Impact at Purdue University is hosting Purdue's first ever datathon! Companies, researchers, and students will immerse themselves in data science to learn more about how data science can create positive impact in the world.
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