Making Recycling Fun and Easy


Recycling has been a low priority practice and often a burden to the individual households. 

This has led to:

  1. Contamination rates rising from 7% to 25% in the last decade. 

  2. China's decision to stop accepting contaminated recyclables from the US.

  3. High labor costs of sorting recyclables

What we are building

A fun and interactive waste sorter that automatically sorts recyclables and trash. 

We are applying cutting edge technologies like:

  • Internet of Things

  • Computer Vision

Team Gallery


Why join the RecycleSort Movement?


The RecycleSort Community brings people from diverse background to work in a multidisciplinary and cross-functional team. Each member of this team contributes to the community that we build with a sense of ownership for the product that we build along with love and respect for other members of the community.


The culture we build as part of RecycleSort is invaluable to us. The leadership at RecycleSort believes in empowering its members, leading by example and maintaining a startup like environment. Collaboration, questions and self-learning are highly encouraged. 

Problem Solving

Problem solving is at the core of what we do at RecycleSort. The RecycleSort team believes in breaking down the bigger problem of household recycling into smaller parts which can be tackled better.